Chesapeake 5 Person Hot Tub

Those who are looking for a hot tub that can fit five people will be happy with the Chesapeake. It has a diverse list of features that gives it an edge above others. More than just being stylish, it is built with functionality and durability in mind. It has a wrap-around bench, which means that users can be facing each other and it also has an extended lounge, which can provide ultimate relaxation. The tub whirlpool jet will make its use more relaxing as it mimics the actions of a body massage. Chesapeake is built to be roomy, providing users with generous available space for water exercises. For safety and convenience, it comes with sculptured steps, which can also function as an elevated seat for kids.


KEY FEATURESChesapeake-5-Person-Hot-Tub

  • Built-in therapy seats and extended lounge
  • LED underwater lighting
  • Computerized control panel


  • Air-bubbling system for a complete spa experience
  • Deluxe stereo package
  • Full-length step package


  • 5-person seating capacity
  • 3 to 4 pumps
  • 18,700 BTU heating capacity
  • 220-volts electrical output
  • 87 inches x 79 inches x 38 inches
  • 400-gallon water capacity


  • 20-year Structural Warranty
  • 10-year Shell Surface Warranty
  • 10-year Equipment Replacement Warranty
  • 3-year Cabinet Warranty
  • Labor Warranty
  • Accessories Warranty


In many of the reviews that have been shared by its past users, words of praises were expressed with regards to its quality and functionality. One reviewer shared: “The hot tub performs very well and has added a lot of pleasure to my life. Meanwhile, another user commented: “very therapeutic, I really liked the jet style options”. From the feedback of its users, it’s clear that both design and functionality have been given words of praises. Quality, therapeutic benefits, ease of use, style, and features have all been given high ratings, which makes it easy to understand why this hot tub is highly recommended.