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Manhattan 6 Person Luxury Hot Tub

The Manhattan is a luxury hot tub that is part of the designer series by ThermoSpas®. This large model can seat up to 6 adults comfortably and comes with a wide array of standard features. One side of seating can also be used as an extra-long, reversible lounge. Opposite the lounge there are two therapy seats in the corners that allow for deeper soaking and extra lumbar support. This is one of ThermoSpas® most popular hot tubs and is a great option for those looking for a larger, high-end spa.


Laguna 6 Person Hot Tub

If you truly want to pamper yourself, you deserve a Laguna 6 Person hot tub (now Home and Garden 6-Person Spa). It comes with full digital controls for its 81 hydro therapeutic neck, shoulder, calf, and foot jets. Control the temperature and jets as you desire for the ultimate enjoyment. It also comes standard with cushion headrests for added comfort. In addition there is the option of adding LED underwater lighting in choice of nine different color for an ambient effect. The hot tub comes with a 6 horsepower pump which is designed with full efficiency. Even when running at it’s maximum, it is very energy efficient compared to other similar hot tub models.


Olympian 6 Person Hot Tub

The Olympian is a very spacious 6-person hot tub that can handle anything from a 6 person party to single person looking to relax after an intense workout and everything in between.  ThermoSpas claims that it is a combination of three hot tubs into one where exercise and therapy needs meet the demands of an entertainment spa, which is hard to argue with when you look at the size of the hot tub. The hot tub comes with anywhere from 36 to 75 jets and multiple elevation’s to fit different body sizes and the jets can target specific body parts. The Olympian serves those looking to entertain and reap the benefits of a hydrotherapy spa.