Aquacisor 7 Person Hot Tub

The Aquacisor by ThermoSpas® is a luxurious 7 person hot tub and fitness spa rolled into one. The hot tub has 38-67 jets to sooth and relax anyone with a full body massage. It doubles up as an underwater resistance training machine that has attachments for rowing, jogging, and even strength training. This hot tub boasts the luxury of a hot tub and the convenience of a resistance trainer. This is ideal for those who like the complete package; relaxation, entertainment, and multiple ways to exercise, all in one.


KEY FEATURESAcquacisor-7-person-fitness-hot-tub

  • Total control therapy for individual seats
  • Deep foot well for jogging or walking
  • Therapy seat for deep massage
  • Computerized control panel
  • Long lasting heaters
  • LED underwater lighting
  • Acrylic shell
  • Illuminated cup holder or LED crystal ball
  • 3 color options
  • Decorative and protective top rail


  • Stereo system
  • Stainless Steel Jet Package
  • Set of tension bands


  • Seating Area: 7
  • Total # of pumps: 4-6
  • Jets: 38-67
  • Heating capacity (BTU’s): 18,700
  • Electrical: 220V
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 53”x88”x53”
  • Capacity: 650 Gallons Full


  • 20-Year Structural Warranty
  • 10-Year Shell Surface Warranty
  • 10-Year Equipment Replacement Warranty
  • 10-Year Electronics No-Fault Parts Replacement
  • 3-Year Cabinet
  • Labor Warranty
  • Accessories Warranty


The single online review we could find was a five star review. The client finds it deeply beneficial for them stating, “As s physical therapists my wife and I are pleased with the options for exercise in the Aquacisor. It is deep and spacious enough to stretch and complete various forms of exercise with resistance from the jets or assistance from the buoyancy principles of water. Our routine is nightly and has made a great difference in a good night’s sleep.”  Considering the reason for purchase was family time, relaxation and health/hydrotherapy it seems that ThermoSpas knocked this one out of the park for this couple.