Hot Tub Heaters

Find A Hot Tub Heater That Is Right Your Your Hot Tub

You may need to replace your current hot tub heater, or are in the market for a new one. But which is the best type of heater for your hot tub?

There are 2 types of hot tub heaters available. There are propane/gas hot tub heaters or electric heaters on the market. Let's look at these two types of heaters.

Gas/Propane Hot Tub Heaters

Propane is a fairly clean engery, and when used in a hot tub heater, it is non toxic in water. They are inexpensive to heat your hot tub and have a great added benefit in being able to heat your entire hot tub much quicker than an electric hot tub heater.

propane hot tub heater

Electric Hot Tub Heaters

Electric hot tub heaters can be generally less expensive to purchase than propane heaters. But keep in mind that they usually cost more to run per year vs a comparable propane heater. They come in different sizes, and generally 5 or 11 kw models are the norm. Although it may sound dangerous to have an electric hot tub heater, they are indeed very safe. They are built with an automatic shut off mechanism should something malfunction. If you don't use your hot tub too much or do not have propane available to your home, then an electric heater may be your only option.


electric hot tub heater